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    bblab was formed in 2007 as the last step of the evolution of a collaborative practice which started in 2000 in Madrid (Spain). As former bog, bblab is an open structure laboratory for architecture and urban design production. Since its foundation the practice has been involved in a variety of projects at different scales, ranging from master planning to public buildings and housing. A priority in the way of working within the practice is to explore the synergy between the different scales of the project spanning from the haptic qualities of the material construction and details to the public and symbolic sphere of the architectonical and urban intervention. Each project is taken by the firm as an opportunity for applying and developing a pragmatic approach to the research of a more intense and subtle link between architectonic spaces and users.

    In the last years we have worked in close collaboration with: Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez, Izabela Wieczorek, Miguel Ángel García Grande, Renata Sentkiewicz, David Franco, Pablo Martínez Capdevilla, Mª Luisa Reques, Maurizio Reggi, Alvaro Homar Hortigüela, Carmen Ferrer Ribera

    Architects and other collaborators since 2000 /: 协作者

    • Juan Lobato Cabredo, architect
    • Mamen Sancha Maya, architect
    • katerina Spidlova, architect
    • Jean-Baptiste Joye, architect
    • Carla de Prada Altayó, Interior designer
    • Marisa Reques Llorente, architect
    • Koldo Fernandez Gaztelu, architect
    • Margherita Serboli, architect
    • Paloma Quiralte Pou, architect
    • Julen García, architect
    • Paula Cortés, architect
    • Blanca Rodriguez Chaparro, architect
    • Mónica García, architect
    • Andrea Rodríguez Novoa, architect
    • Patrycja Sowa, architecture student
    • Hector Torres, architecture student
    • Julio Muñoz, architecture student
    • Jaime Traspaderne, architecture student